Week 28 – Gate


I discovered this delightful gate after missing my turn onto Fruitville Road downtown. I never venture down this part of 41 in downtown Sarasota for some reason, so didn’t know this was here. I’m still trying to figure out what the items on this gate have in common, but haven’t been able to decipher the theme.

There are a few other gates to this sculpture garden that are just as whimsical.



These are all gates to the sculpture garden that is part of this very interesting looking museum….


Unfortunately, the museum was closed for renovations, but the curator very kindly gave me permission to wander around the sculpture garden. I’m looking forward to touring the museum when in reopens in a couple weeks.


Week 27 – Part of Me


I was talking about (ok…complaining about) my out-of-control hair with my stylist Saturday and the conversation got me thinking about the theme “Part of Me”. I think the part of me that most people notice and remember is my wild, curly hair.

Most of my life, I’ve had this love hate relationship with the curls. When I was a little girl, most of my friends had cute little pigtails, whereas I had, well..I’m not sure what you would call it, but it definitely wasn’t cute. I have no idea what my mother was thinking here.

school pic

Over the years I’ve tried every style, tool and product to get it under control, but finally had to admit defeat. I finally decided that I should embrace the craziness and just let be what it was meant to be.


After all, my curly hair is a legacy from my father. It is a trait that I share with my siblings. It’s part of what makes me…me.


Week 26 – Toys

baby dolls2

This week I decided to challenge myself even more by creating my own little photography studio. This is my first attempt at setting up my own lighting so I still have a lot to learn. Setting up the “studio” was just as much fun as actually taking the photos.

Sure it would have been easier just to order a backdrop and frame online, but that would have taken the fun out of the whole thing. After a trip to the fabric store and a trip to Lowe’s (or two), I was ready to set up.

set up1 - Copy

A little fabric on a frame made of pvc pipe and a few couplings, draped over a folding table.

set up2

My solution to not having clamps….hairclips!

Week 25 – Low Key

bryan print

When I thought of the theme “Low Key” the first thing that that came to mind was my nephew playing his bass.

Recently, I had the pleasure of seeing my nephew and his band, The Hippnauticals, play. Awesome music and a great group of guys. Of course, I might be a wee bit biased, but the rest of the crowd seemed to be enjoying the show as much as I was.


The Hippnauticals have been playing in venues from St. Pete down to Ft. Myers and points in between. If you’re looking for a fun way to spend an evening and love great music, be sure to check them out!









Week 23 – Before and After


I’ve been playing around with some fun editing software lately just to add a new facet to my photography. I found one that does a neat job of making photos look like paintings.

Above is the “before” and below is the “after”. Kind of cool!


Another before and after…


Week 22 -Christmas


I wanted to create an image that said Christmas in Florida but didn’t want the same old sand snowman or lit up palm tree. It was such a gorgeous sunny day, I decided to go to the beach and play around shooting Christmas ornaments in the water. Easier said than done as they tend to get swept out to sea pretty quickly!  The rocks helped keep them in place.




Week 21 – Mouth Watering

Birthday lunch

I apologize to my fellow bloggers for posting last week’s entry so late. My laptop crashed so I’ve been out of commission. After several days and much cursing, I am finally up and running on my new computer.

This image is of my delicious birthday lunch at the Hub on Siesta Key. This is a chicken caesar wrap with sweet potato fries. Definitely  mouth watering!


Week 20 – Hidden from View


I’ve lived in Sarasota for 15 years but just found out about one of Sarasota’s best kept secrets – Bob’s Train Cafe.

This place is definitely “hidden from view” in a back parking lot between East and School Ave. The restaurant is located in the lovingly restored second pullman car of the train. The first car is the 1917 personal railcar of John and Mable Ringling.




I think a discovered the remains of Noah’s Ark, too…..



Week 19 – Decending


This is a view looking up through the observation tower in Myakka River State Park. It’s a nice little climb of about 75 feet.  I tried shooting this stairwell from the top down, but didn’t like any of the images so decided to climb in side the tower and shoot from the ground up.


I really love the repeating rectangular shapes.